The Best Airport Shuttle Option for You from Barcelona Airport

Arrivals at Barcelona Airport have different options for getting from the airport to any part of the city. There are taxis, buses, car rentals, the metro, and trains.

For new travelers, it is quite easy to get overwhelmed by these Barcelona airport shuttle options. And so, this article aims to give you the criteria with which you will choose the best option for you.


When about to leave from the airport to your final destination, the last thing you need is another long wait. And so, punctuality is a crucial factor in deciding which shuttle option you’d instead use.

Two options stand out in this case, taxis and the metro line. With taxis you do not have to wait, there is always one available. The metro is also quite good because there is merely a 7 minutes wait in between departure times.


Traveling for a holiday means you are going to spend money on fun activities, so saving on this is essential. Aside from taxis and car rentals, the other shuttle options are quite affordable. Single tickets for trains or the metro cost you less than €5. While taking the bus would cost you about €3. So, you do the math.


Traveling in comfort is another factor that affects your choice. Some shuttle options are cramped and allow you little personal space. While others would give you enough room to chill before you arrive at your destination. Taxis and car rentals top the comfort chart.


Barcelona is not a large city, but there are different neighborhoods. And so, the shuttle you use should also depend on the ease with which you’ll get to your final stop. If that is the city center, then the metros are not the right choice. This is because the airport metro line does not go directly to the city center. You would have to switch lines at some point, and this is quite inconvenient.