Outdoor art in Barcelona

Throughout the streets and public areas of Barcelona, works of art and artistic expressions by a variety of artists are displayed. The central area of the Eixample, known popularly as the ‘Quadrat d’Or’ (Golden Quadrant), is a genuine outdoor museum where visitors can admire the most singular modernist buildings and the characteristic profusion in the use of applied arts which inspired this movement at the turn of the century.

Casa Mila

A plan carried out in the 1980’s to beautify the city has added a modern touch to the public sculpture that forms part of Barcelona’s urban landscape. Just to name a few: Roy Liechtenstein’s sculpture at Port Vell called Barcelona’s Head; Beverly Pepper’s monumental Cel Caigut in the Parc de l’Estació del Nord; a work by Chillida entitled Topo in the historic Plaza del Rei; and the Basque sculptor Andrés Nagel’s imposing Dragón in the Parque de l’Espanya Industrial next to Estación de Sants. These are only some of the examples of contemporary sculpture visitors can admire while strolling through public places in Barcelona.