La Barceloneta

Lumber across in the sunshine and pay a visit to some of the older parts of the city when you next visit Barcelona. What else could be the ideal starting point apart from visiting La Barceloneta. Check out the old houses and the neighborhood. If only they could talk, they would tell you that most of them were constructed during the eighteenth century. The shape of this neighborhood is triangular with its three boundaries touching El Born, Port Velt, and the Mediterranean Sea. Obviously, when there is a sea, a beach cannot be located far away.

It is this beach, which has gained status as one of the world’s best urban beaches, which draws tourists by the millions every year. It is officially recognized as the third best beach of the world. La Barceloneta shall not disappoint food lovers because apart from its famous beaches, it also boasts of a good number of popular restaurants.

The whole zone takes on a new look as evening falls and people throng to the area to visit its numerous nightclubs. Those familiar with the history of the city will tell you that this neighborhood was built for relocating the citizens of adjoining Ribera neighborhood who had been displaced from their abode during the construction of Ciudadela of Barcelona.