How to Get From Reus Airport to Barcelona City Centre?

So, you have just landed at Reus Airport, and you want to go to Barcelona City Centre. You freeze in your tracks because you don’t know how to get there. What are the most viable means of transport to Barcelona City Centre? Let’s dive in and explore Barcelona Airport transfer options.

Transport by Taxi

To begin with, taxi services from Reus Airport to Barcelona City Centre are available 24/7. Likewise, given the distance from the airport to the city centre, taxi fares remain fixed. To get a licensed taxi, look out for white cars with blue stripes. In addition to that, they also carry a rooftop sign, which is black and yellow. Beyond that, fares to the city centre should cost a standard rate of 170€. The price is inclusive of luggage, toll, and fees. More precisely, this should get you a family sized car. But, if the vehicle carries more than four passengers, that will cost more. Then again, the total travel time is approximately one and a half hour, provided there’s light traffic. Remember: You are not allowed to flag down a moving taxi. Hence, you’ll have to make your way to the taxi waiting area.

Transport by Bus

Finally, buses can also take you to the city center. This is the only available public transport from the airport to the city centre. Even so, the buses operate a fixed schedule that corresponds with airport arrivals. To get from Reus Airport to Barcelona City Centre, it will cost you 15.50€. However, if you want to purchase round trip tickets, it will cost you 24€. To buy a ticket, locate a Hispano Igualadina ticket counter in the airport, or visit their website for convenience. Also, the travel time is around one and a half hour provided there’s no traffic.