How to get from Girona Airport to Barcelona City Centre?

If you have arrived at Girona Airport, how do you make your way to Barcelona City Centre? There are two direct means of transport to Barcelona city centre. Let’s get started on Barcelona Airport transfer.

Airport transfer by taxi

For starters, the first means of transport to the city centre of Barcelona is by taxi. Barcelona Airport Taxis are available at the airport throughout the day and night. To find a licensed taxi, look out for white cars, with a yellow and black rooftop sign. Getting a taxi will cost around 180€. But, if you’re looking for a large vehicle, which can carry more than four passengers, then you might end up spending more. Also, this price is not inclusive of other factors. For instance, if you’re carrying extra language, the price will be affected. The travel time to the city center under light traffic is for one hour and ten minutes. Above all, by hiring a taxi, you’ll be able to travel in absolute comfort and privacy.

Airport transfer by bus

Alternatively, you can take the bus for transporting from Girona Airport to Barcelona City Centre. Similar to a taxi’s travel time, Barcelona buses also take one hour and ten minutes provided traffic is under favorable conditions. Beyond that, bus fares cost 16€ for a one-way trip and 25€ for a round trip. Moreover, these fares apply to children above five years and for adults. Besides, the buses operate throughout the day corresponding with airport arrivals. To purchase a ticket, locate a Sagales ticket stand in the airport, or visit their official website. When it’s time to board the bus, make your way to the arrivals exit at Girona airport. Then follow the signs to the bus stop.