How to Get From Barcelona International Airport to the Cruise Port?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could make it from Barcelona airport to cruise port with less hassle? Luckily, with these two options, you can get there within 15 minutes from leaving the airport. That’s right. Let’s get things underway with Barcelona Airport Transfer.

Transport by Taxi

For starters, all taxis licensed to operate near and around the airport are colored black and yellow, with a rooftop taxi sign, regardless of the taxi operator. Getting from Barcelona Airport to Cruise port by taxi will cost you a fixed fee of 39€. This amount applies to family-sized vehicles. Moreover, this fee is inclusive of all extra charges. However, if you want transfers directly to specific cruise terminals, this will cost you an additional charge of 3.10€. Beyond that, the travel time to the Cruise port is approximately 15 minutes, provided there is light traffic.

Regarding operating hours, most taxi operators are available at the airport throughout the day and night, each day of the week. Remember: you are not allowed to flag down a moving taxi, but to head to the taxi waiting area. Also, if you are looking for a better-fixed price, book for the transfer in advance.

Transport by Bus

There are two bus options, namely Line A1 and A2, depending on the terminal you use. To get from Barcelona airport to cruise port, you’ll have to use one bus to get to Plaça Espanya station first. Later on, take the L3 metro line, which will take you to the cruise port. The entire trip will cost you 8.10€. In detail, getting from the airport will cost you €5.90, while the metro line will cost you €2.20. Overall, the total trip duration is 45 minutes provided there is light traffic. Beware: the Aerobus from the airport are only available from 5:35 am to 1 am. Moreover, tickets are available at ticket machines at the bus stop or online.