How to get from Barcelona International Airport to Sants Train Station?

In the city of Barcelona, there are many ways to discover the city, including by train. If you want to get from Barcelona Airport to Sants Train Station, take one of these two means of transport: Taxi and Train. Here’s a guide to Barcelona Airport transfers to Sants Train Station.

Taking a Taxi to Sants Train Station from Barcelona Airport

The fastest, safest, and most private means of moving to Sants Train Station from Barcelona International Airport is by Taxi. For starters, taxis legally operating from Barcelona International airport are identified by unique paint jobs and taxi roof signs. A regular taxi service will charge you 35€ to get to Sants Train Station.

The trip to the train station should take 15 minutes, provided there is light traffic on the roads. Moreover, if you’re traveling for leisure or business, the taxi will provide you with an environment to comfortably and privately do your things. What’s more? Taxi services are unscheduled; hence, they operate 24/7.

Taking a Train to Sants Train Station from Barcelona Airport.

On the contrary, trains services at Barcelona Airport operate a fixed schedule. Moreover, ticket fees vary depending on some factors, including the terminal you use. Nevertheless, a train ticket to Sants Train Station will cost you 30€ for terminal one. Notice that this fee is 5€ cheaper than what taxi services charge. Alternatively, if you board from terminal two of the airport, a train ticket will cost you 35€. Remember trains that operate past 8 pm add a 3.10€ fee. Besides, trains that run during public holidays will also charge an extra fee of 3.10€.

When you take a train from Barcelona Airport to Sants Train Station, you’ll arrive at the train station within 20 minutes. Thus, trains make the most efficient transport to the train station, especially during rush hours.