El Raval

Welcome to yet another district of Barcelona city, which was, till some years back, infamous for its crime and prostitution which mingled along with its nightlife and cabaret shows. Those who have visited this district of Barcelona city during those days will be amazed by the changes that have taken place in the recent past. In fact, it is now one of the rated tourist attractions of the city.

This locality is also famous for its immigrant population with a majority of them hailing from countries as diverse as Pakistan, Indonesia, and Romania. The crime might have abated and the prostitution rings might be outdated, but the cabarets and nightlife remains. This along with its numerous bars and restaurants make it one of the favorite tourist locales in the city.

Apart from the things mentioned previously, this locality of the city is also extremely close to the port. Tourists who visit El Raval will also love to see some of its famous monuments like the Monastery of Saint Pau del Camp.

The Modern Art Museum of Barcelona is also located in this neighborhood. Do not miss the southern part section of this locality where you can find an old gate and wall… existing parts of the medieval city called Portal de Santa Madrona.

The gate and the wall are a part of the Maritime Museum. Do not miss out on the huge cat statue by the famous sculptor Fernando Botero. El Raval also hosts La Boqueria, the most famous market of the city.