Ciutat Vella

Whenever we travel to any city, we generally want to check out its history and its traditions. If you are of the same mould, your trip to Barcelona shall remain incomplete without viewing the Ciutat Vella. Literally meaning the `old city,’ the Ciutat Vella is the oldest district of Barcelona city. What makes it viewing even more important is the fact that the locals treat it as the centre of their city.

While visiting this place, do not miss out on viewing the Placa Catalunya, a large square in the centre of the city, which is the junction for some of the most important avenues and streets of the city, including Carrer de Vergera, La Rambla, Ronda de Sant Pere, etc.

This square is a must visit when you travel to Barcelona. It is famous for its statues and fountains. Another important value of the Ciutat Vella is that being the heart of the city, it provides a central point from where tourists can access the other popular tourist attractions of the city.

In fact, this landmark is situated extremely close to some of the top tourist attractions of the city. The Ciutat Vella is perhaps the best spot to begin your tour of the city.