La Barceloneta

Lumber across in the sunshine and pay a visit to some of the older parts of the city when you next visit Barcelona. What else could be the ideal starting point apart from visiting La Barceloneta. Check out the old houses and the neighborhood. If only they could talk, they would tell you that most of them were constructed during the eighteenth century. The shape of this neighborhood is triangular with its three boundaries touching El Born, Port Velt, and the Mediterranean Sea. Obviously, when there is a sea, a beach cannot be located far away. Continue reading “La Barceloneta” »

Barri Gotic

Between Las Ramblas and the Passeig de Picasso lies one of Barcelona’s most famous areas: Barri Gotic, the Gothic Quarter. Its fame is well deserved. For, here, visitors can find streets and buildings from the Middle Ages that will provide hours of fascinating exploration. There are small winding alleyways where tourists can find all manner of Gothic-era buildings, shops housed in centuries-old structures, cafes and much more. Continue reading “Barri Gotic” »

Ciutat Vella

Whenever we travel to any city, we generally want to check out its history and its traditions. If you are of the same mould, your trip to Barcelona shall remain incomplete without viewing the Ciutat Vella. Literally meaning the `old city,’ the Ciutat Vella is the oldest district of Barcelona city. What makes it viewing even more important is the fact that the locals treat it as the centre of their city. Continue reading “Ciutat Vella” »

El Raval

Welcome to yet another district of Barcelona city, which was, till some years back, infamous for its crime and prostitution which mingled along with its nightlife and cabaret shows. Those who have visited this district of Barcelona city during those days will be amazed by the changes that have taken place in the recent past. In fact, it is now one of the rated tourist attractions of the city. Continue reading “El Raval” »

La Boqueria

La Boqueria, Mercat de Sant Josep, St. Joseph’s Market…. Whatever name you use to describe it the sights and smells will be the same. This bustling conglomeration of food stalls, restaurants and tapas bars is one of Barcelona’s most often visited attractions. That last fact is all the more interesting since relatively few tourists seek fresh produce on their wanderings. But here one can find that and a great deal more. Continue reading “La Boqueria” »