All the Ways to Get from Barcelona Airport to the City Centre

After your arrival at Barcelona Airport – El Prat, there is baggage claim and then immigration. Once you are done with all that, it’s time to hit the road and get the adventure started. To save you time and stress, here are all the ways you can get from Barcelona Airport to the City Centre.

1.      Taxis

When using a taxi, it takes 30 mins for you to get from the airport to the City Centre. The taxis here are metered, and this means the exact cost of your fare depends on the distance and time. At the airport, there are two taxi ranks, where you will be directed to the right taxi for your destination. Beware though, during the weekday traffic is quite heavy going into the city.

2.      Metro

From the airport, the metro runs through 15 stops, and its final terminal is the Zona Universitaria. Departure from the stations happen every 7 mins, and the standard rates are less than €5. Although, you should note that the line from the airport does not connect directly to the City Center. So, you would have to alight at either the stop at Torassa or Collblanc and take another line.

3.     Trains

Unlike the metro, the trains depart every 30 minutes from the airport’s train station. This station is at Terminal 2, and depending on your destination, you can alight at any of these stops; Bellvitge, Barcelona Sants, Passeig de Gracia or El Clot – Aragó. The price for a single ticket to the city center is less than €5, and it can’t be used for the metro or bus.

4.      Bus

You could also take a bus from the airport. This option is cheaper than the above, but it is slower and less spacious. The buses depart about every 30 minutes, and there are many bus stops between the airport and the city center. Taking a night bus is ill-advised as it could mean spending even more time on the road.

5.      Car rental

Renting a car from the airport may seem like the safest and most comfortable option, but it is not the best. One reason is that sightseeing requires very little driving on your part. Another is the fact that public transportation in Barcelona is competent enough to take care of your transportation needs.