7 Things to Note about Taking a Taxi from Barcelona Airport

Every city has its unique transportation culture. That’s why it is necessary that you get yourself familiar with the practices of your destination city. For those heading to Barcelona soon, here are a few things to remember about taking a Barcelona airport taxi service.

  1. Pre-booking a taxi ride from Barcelona airport to your destination is now possible. It is quite easy, convenient, and you can do it online from any location.
  1. But if you would instead get one in person, there are two taxi ranks at the airport. There is one just outside Terminal 1 and another outside Terminal 2.
  1. These taxis work with meters, and so, the cost of your ride depends on the distance to your destination and the time taken. Although on average, the fare costs €35 from Terminal 1 to the city center and €30 from Terminal 2.
  1. After your ride and payment, you are entitled to ask for a receipt. Also, note that tipping is optional as it is not a common practice in Spain.
  1. Taking a taxi from the airport to a destination outside the metropolitan area of Barcelona would cost you more. This increase is because the rates to those areas are higher and toll fees are added to your total fare. Therefore it is advised that before you start the ride, find out how much more it will cost you.
  1. If you’re on a group trip and do not want to get separated, you can request for a van taxi at the airport. It costs more, but it is well equipped to shuttle all of you at once.
  1. Taxis here are not suitable for travelers with scooters or wheelchairs. But you can overcome this challenge by pre-booking a specially fitted Barcelona airport taxi.


If you lose any item in a taxi, you can call the Lost and Found service of the Institut Metropolitá del Taxi (IMT) on +34 902 101 564. This number is functional from Monday to Friday, 8:00 – 20:00. This process will require the taxi license number from your receipt. So, ensure that you collect that.