The hot spot of Spain, its biggest rave is not some large city but a small patch of desert a few miles off Fraga.  This is the place where the biggest music party of the year takes place. On the longest night of July, the desert doesn’t sleep!

Talented drummers, bass guitarists, bands, world class singers etc from all over the world arrive to give performances in an epic party that one can never forget! Boys Noise, Luciano, Paul Kalkbrenner, Vitalic, Steve Aoki and Dirtyphonics are the names of only few who have arrived and performed here.

Every Monegros edition promises a new twist, a new event! It is an once-in-a-lifetime experience that is not to be missed! As expected the hours stretch long, sometimes over 20 hours and the dancing never stops!

The festival is situated in the Monegros desert, in the province of Huesca, between Madrid and Barcelona. If you catch a flight, these cities are the best options:
– Madrid
– Barcelona

Arriving in Madrid or Barcelona, we suggest you avoid traffic by catching the Monegros Bus. There are shuttle services from Madrid and Barcelona to the Monegros Site. Book in advance your flights for cheaper deals, with low cost companies. Then we suggest you to take the Monegros Bus shuttle if you arrive in Madrid or Barcelona. You can also get transfers to Marbella.

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