Spain is a country where people love to picnic outdoors with family and friends. So, parks and gardens are very popular in Barcelona where people gather for a game of chess, playing boules, chess, picnicking or simply walking around and chatting. Barcelona has many green spots, some of them being on top of Montjuïc Mountain from where you can see all of Barcelona. Some of the best parks and gardens in Barcelona are:

Parc Guell:
This municipal garden was designed by famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. Located in the district of Gracia, this park was originally supposed to be a residential area, but was later converted to a classy park for elite of Barcelona by the wealthy businessman, Eusebio de Guell.

The Coastal Park
Located at the Mediterranean Sea line and next to the estuary of the Besos River, this park displays a wide range of attraction in its distinct zones of the green area, the beach and the football stadium. This Park Litoral also has a tennis court and a site for children to play, a number of green trees and also a pool.

Central Noble Nou Park:
This is one of the youngest Barcelona parks and was designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel. This park is in the shape of a triangle and is still under process because its plan needs a wide range of flora to cover it.

Parc Del Besos:
This green area gives the name to the nearby busy streets that go along the Besos River and the river itself. Both the river and the park that is named after it have a double meaning because the word Besos translated literally means kisses. The visitors can have a glimpse of a wide range of Barcelona as they walk along this long park.

Montijuic Park:
Here stands a huge mountain that divides part of the city of Barcelona from the sea and derives its name from the old Catalan phrase meaning ‘Hill of the Jews’ and from the corruption of the Latin Mons Jovicus (‘Hill of Jupiter’).

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